The World Cup is a competition contested by teams of up to 6 players. Only members of the same guild can create a team. The number of teams per guild is not limited. Recruits and players without a guild cannot participate.

The World Cup might become a regular event every third or fourth month.

Rewards Edit

Teams can win an award, a special looking witch or knight card, 6 days premium time and up to 700 Mana.

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WorldCup Rewards

Swiss Pairings Edit

The Swiss pairings are the first stage of the tournament. The Swiss-system is the best and most popular tournament format for everything with a big number of participants. You can read about the Swiss-system in detail here.

Swiss-system in a nutshell:

  • In each round all teams play against another team with a similar number of victory points.
  • Teams are not paired against opponents they have previously played.
  • The system tries to avoid matching teams of the same guild against each other.
  • Teams left over receive a bye: they do not play that round but are awarded the victory points for a win.
  • Teams with a match score of 0 are regarded as withdrawn. They are removed from the tournament and receive no rewards. When many teams withdraw the number of Swiss rounds may need to be reduced.
  • The Top 8 teams advance to the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage Edit

The knockout stage is a single-elimination tournament in which two teams play each other. In the first knockout round the teams are randomly drawn against each other. After this the winners of each knockout round play each other in another round until there is only one team left. During the finals the losers of the semi-finals also play for third-place.

In all knockout matches the teams try to achieve the highest possible score in their opponent’s dungeon. The layout of the dungeons is the same for both teams, but the highest level rooms of the team members are used for the construction of the dungeon.

Only the highest score per team counts.

Matches Edit

In all matches the teams try to achieve the highest possible score in their opponent's dungeon. Only the highest score per team counts.

The scores in the World Cup matches are calculated in a similar way to the scores in normal dungeons with a few differences:

  1. Each used enchantment reduces the final score by one.
  2. Borrowed cards can be used without penalty, but only cards of the team can be used.

Tiebreakers in knockout matches:

  1. If teams are tied the shortest attack wins.
  2. When teams are still tied the team who submitted the score first wins.

Divisions Edit

The World Cup has three divisions so that any team - not only the strongest ones - can be winners. The level of your castle heart determines the divisions in which you can play.

When creating a team you have to choose a division. Division I offers the most rewards but the dungeons are the toughest and the competition is the strongest there.

The level of your castle heart determines which division you can join:

  • Division I: Level 7 – 10
  • Division II: Level 5 – 8
  • Division III: Level 1 – 6

World Cup Dungeons Edit

The size of the dungeons and the number of rooms depends on the division. The highest level rooms of the opponents team members are used for the construction of the dungeon. 'Rebuildable' defenders (guards, cannons, barricades and sprayers) are rebuilt when required. Enchantments will be selected randomly for the rooms. Portals will be filled with random minions.

WorldCup Dungeons

Glossary Edit

W = Number of matches won. Teams get 2 victory points per win.

D = Number of draws. Teams get one victory point per draw.

L = Number of matches lost.

Pts = Total victory points

BH = The Buchholz score is the sum of all opponents victory points. Teams with a higher Buchholz score have played against stronger opponents. The Buchholz score is used as a tiebreaker for the rankings, when teams have the same number of victory points. It doesn't influence the outcome of matches.

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