• Long range attack minion. Has not enough health, but a lot of damage.
  • Hovers over a floor therefore never fails in trapdoors.
  • Shoots on 3 rooms in a straight line before herself that helps to avoid attack of the guard at a certain distance.
  • Unique enchantment: Lightning. With the lightning, you can do damage to several guards at one line. Moreover, if the guard does not get his attack to you, you can with impunity to destroy several buildings by lightning before you reach the guard's attack radius.

Examples Edit

The card is good against barricades with a shield, and can even sustain attack of some cannons. The key card for the majority of dungeons, and great for PvP also.
Alternative option of the previous witch. The frost allows to weaken guards, and also not to get freeze in the ice trap.

Witch for instant destruction of the target standing in front.

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