Unit Ranges

Your whole castle is made of tiles, with up to 4 rows consisting of up to 12 tiles for your buildings and another 2 as starting platform for the attackers. The exact amount depends on the castle heart level. All attack-ranges in the game are given in tiles, from 1 (melee) up to 5 (cannon with range enchantment). Here you can see my base, my castel heart is only Level 8, so there are only 11 tiles in a row.

Base Screen



Walls do not attack and therefore don't have any attack range. They basically just stand in the way of the minions, causing them time and health (with the reflection enchantment) to break through. However they can also be enchantet with the lighning shield, which stops witches with the lightning enchantment from hitting units behind the wall. You can also use some normal buildings with high hitpoints (card shop, work bench) as a wall, but they are a little less effective and can not be enchanted.


Acid Sprayers

Acid Sprayers attack all units, that are exactly on their tile and will not stop any unit from moving on, except of the ice effects, if it is enchanted so. There is no possibility to manipulate the acid sprayers range.


Guards/Hidden Guards

Guards attack the first reachable unit within a range of 4, there is no way to manipulate this. If there are many melee defenders at exactly the same position, they will be attacked in their order of arrival. Guards can be enchanted with lightning, which allows them to attack 3 units at the same time (if there is no lightning shield involved). Hidden Guards are displayed like a castle heart until a minion reaches their attack range or they receive damage - they are also a bit stronger than normal guards, but everything else is the same as for usual guards.

Guard Range

If the target of a guards attack dies, the projectile flies on until it reaches maximum range or hits another minion. The maximum range of these passing projectiles is 1 higher than the actual range. The guard is attacking the warrior, who dies through a trap before the projectile reaches it, so it flies further, damaging the archer which should be out of range.

Guard passing projectile


Cannons attack the farthest away minion that they can reach, hitting in a small area of effect (probably half a tile). They can attack targets in a distance from 2 to 4 tiles, this can be increased up to 5 tiles with the range enchantment. This makes them very vulnerable to melee units, as they can not attack them if they are directly in front of the cannon or even behind a wall in front of the cannon. Cannons are also pretty inaccurate in trying to hit moving units, they will almost never hit their direct target.

Cannon Range

Here you can see, that the cannon does not attack the warrior and archer, if there is no wall in front - and even doesn't attack the melee minions if there is a wall (they also reached their position without taking damage, as the cannon is bad at hitting moving minions)


Portals contain minions, that are spawned, if there is no building in front of the portal. The portal itself doesn't stop minions.



Traps can be placed on tiles additional to the buildings. Trapdoor and Spikes will only affect their tile, while frost and explosion affect the whole row. Each trap has a short delay before it is activated, allowing the minions to move on, so speed-enchanted minions can run over spikes without being hit. Always consider the travel-time of ice and explosion, before spawning new minions.

See this Speedy Gonzales golem running over the spikes without being hit

High speed golem

And he is also quick enough to run so close to the cannon, that it can not hit, when an ice trap is activated. The poor normal-speed warrior is not so lucky.



Knight, Goblin, Golem

Concerning range, they are all the same - close combat melee minions. They have to move up to their target to hit it and then stand in the first row, being easily attackable by guards, but often save from cannons. When they start attacking, they basically stand at exact the same position. The first one to arrive, is the first one attacked by a guard, followed by the second one to arrive and so on.

Close Melee


Warrios are almost the same as knights, golems and goblins concerning the range, but they are placed a little behind - so the warriors are always the last attacked units in a melee stack.


For range manipulation, there is the ghost enchantment, which allows all melee units to hit the rows above and below the one they are in, when they attack a building, defender or portal unit. This is especially useful, if you have a long row without defenders or want to detect castle hearts.


In this case you can see a warrior, who also has the ghost enchantment and runs through an almost defenseless row, heavily damaging the row below and detecting, that the castle heart is not placed there. The ghost damage is reduced by 30%, so you if the building in the active row has higher hitpoints than the one in the ghost row, there is a high chance to completely destroy this building. Some examples are: Wall -> almost everything Defender with health enchantment -> same defender without health enchantment Gold storage -> foundry


Witches are flying ranged minions, that have a basic attack range of 3. They will always hit the closest target possible. The only time, the maximum range for the witch is not used, is when it spawns, because there are only 2 spawning tiles. This causes the witch not to move, if the first building is destroyed and leads to some interesting effects with the lighning enchantment.

Witch simple

Here you can see the witch slowly moving forward at maximum attack range - until it meets the guard and dies.


For witches you can buy the lighning enchantment up to 3 times, which causes the witch to get her projectiles through the first units, up to the amount of lighning enchantents. This also leads to a farther total range of her projectiles. The more enemies the projectile goes through, the less damage it does.  On the starting tile, a witch with 3 lighning enchantments can hit up to 5 tiles behind the first one - with one enchantment it's up to 3 tiles. This decreases the farther the witch goes - when she attacks a building on 3rd tile as primary target, her bolts can hit targets up to 1 to 3 tiles behind this, depending on the number of enchantments.

Witch 1 lighning

First a single lightning enchantment - the witch can hit the 3 foundries, but not the dragon

Witch 2 lighning

With 2 ligthning enchantments it can now also hit the dragon - and hits up to 2 secondary targets.

Witch 3 lighning

Finally 3 lighnings, hitting also another dragon, 1 tile farther and up to 3 secondary targets in total. You can also see, that there are bonus-range-tiles for the first and second building.


Archers are ranged minions, that can hit a building behind another. They will always move up to the tile behind the melee-tile and then shoot their arrows at the target behind this building - or at the building if there is no target behind - and then move on.

Archer simple

You can see the archer first attacking the foundry, then the wall.

Archer no targets

Here you can see, that the archer always moves to his position, even if he could stop earlier, because there are no targets behind the wall.


With range enchantment, archers can hit even one target further, as you can see in the picture below.

Archer range


Spells also have a range, without enchantments this is a single, full tile. There are width-enchantments available, that increase the width by 2 each. Tiles that affect enemy (freeze, traplock) buildings should be placed between both buildings, so that they affect both. 

Below you can see trapslock spells, one placed exactly on the tile, only blocking one trap - the other placed between the tiles, blocking two traps. Finally a width-enchanted trapslock blocking 4 traps.


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