Spike trap
A trap, which deals damage to all minions standing on it in one room. It causes a lot of damage, can kill most enduring characters.

Trap damage formula: 1170 + 240 * trapper level

Explosive trap
An explosion trap damages all minions on the same floor. Flight range of fiery wave - 14 rooms. Able to kill witches and archers without health enchantments.

Trap damage formula: 350 + 80 * trapper level

Ice trap
A trap which freezes all minions on the same floor. It can not freeze cards with an "Ice" enchantment.

Freeze duration formula: 9 sec + 1 sec * trapper level

Trap door

A Trap door acitvates itself when a card without a boot enchantment walks over it. The affected card will drop one floor. Witches, as well as characters with enchantment "Speed" can not fall through the trapdoor - Cards with a Snail enchantment drop earlier than cards without it. You cannot place it on the ground floor.

Curse trap
A trap, which curses all minions within the room for 5s. Cursed minions lose 15% of their current hit points per second. It causes the most damage to characters with very high health (such as knights and golems)
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