Mana - game currency which can be used to craft any card in the game. Crafting cards with more enchantments usually costs more mana.

Various enchantments consume different amount of mana. Weaker enchantments require less mana than strong enchantments.

Earning Mana Edit

  1. Mana is given for 3 daily tasks every day. The amount depends on your league.
  2. You can earn mana in the dungeon of your guild. At each stage of the dungeon, you can earn up to 20 mana. For 20 mana you need a score of at least 300 points on the stage. With 5 stages per dungeon that makes a total of 100 mana per dungeon.
  3. At the end of each month you get a lot of mana as a reward. The amount depends on your league.
  4. You can sell unnecessary cards for mana. The amount depends on the enchantments and is always 25% of the crafting costs.
  5. Some players buy card packs for 100 rubies and sell unnecessary cards for mana.
  6. When you don't have enough mana to craft a card, you can pay the missing mana with rubies. 1 ruby is worth 2.5 mana.
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