General Information Edit

Join a guild, you get the opportunity to play in the dungeons, and you get access to all of the boosts, which earned the guild dungeon.
Automatic search will help you find the most suitable guild, depending on the earned trophies and the selected language.
Unique guild resourse - coins. Coins are needed to extend the duration of the boosts, and even to purchase dungeon points. Purchased dungeon points do not affect the rating of the guild. It only needs to receive the boosts for which you do not have enough points. Also, coins are used to increase the number of guild members.
Arcanox Extend Boost Duration Costs
Click this button to display information about the calculation of the guild's rating and guild members rights.
Guild allows you to borrow cards from other guild members. The number of cards that you can borrow depends on your guild library.

Guild Tournament Edit

At the beginning of each month, top 4 guilds receive a certain amount of rubies.


Each member of these 4 guilds will receive rubies, depending on his position in the guild. The award is calculated the same like the total guild score is calculated:


Consequently, the award shall be distributed equally between all members within the ten. For example, players from 1 to 10th place will receive 50% of the 5,000 rubies for the first place on the results of the month - it is 2500 rubies. Now, if you divide them by 10 players, each of them will receive 250 rubies.

Recruits do not get rubies.

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