• This minion can act as the tank.
  • This is the special character because you can add to three cards of the golem on one golem in the battlefield.
  • Adding the golem, you restore health of the golem in the battlefield, you add points of health from this card to the golem in the battlefield, and also you relieve him from effect of freezing.
  • Unique enchantment: Lightning shield. Lightnings won't pass through the golem, and the damage caused by them will be considerably lowered. Thus, the golem can act as the tank for witches and archers who are vulnerable to guards with the lightning.

Examples Edit

You can use this card to add health to already playing card because this card has a lot of health. Try to use at first the golem with the most number of health. If there are 2 cards with 3 charms of heart that it is necessary to use at first them, and then already with smaller amount of health.
The golem for reflection of the damage to guards. In combination with golems with hearts, can return a lot of the caused damage.
The key golem for many dungeons. Adding him health from golems with hearts, you receive the minion which can damage seriously at once 3 floors.
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