Gold is the main game currency.

With gold, you can upgrade your cards, build and upgrade rooms, activate traps, etc.

Your gold is stored in your vaults. The level of a vault determines its storage capacity.

Earning Gold Edit

  1. Do the daily missions. You get plenty of gold there very easily.
  2. Complete the daily tasks. The amount depends on your league.
  3. At the end of each month/season you get a lot of Gold as a reward. The amount depends on your league.
  4. Steal it from other players in multiplayer matches
  5. Steal it from computer opponents
  6. Collect it from your foundries

Minions with the gold loot enchantment can steal more gold from computer opponents.

If the defenders of your castle have not been able to repel the attack of another player and the defense lost, the vaults are automatically protected for 3 hours (6 hours with a premium account). During this time, the gold in your vaults can not be stolen by other players.

If your opponent has the same castle heart level like you, you can steal 12% of the total amount of gold from his vaults and 25% from his foundries.

Here is a table with the amount of gold you can steal from another castle based on the castle heart level

Castle heart level

of the target

Stealable Gold
Vaults Foundries
+3 15,6% 32,5%
+2 14,4% 30%
+1 13,2% 27,5%
0 12% 25%
-1 10,2% 21,2%
-2 6% 12,5%
-3 2,4% 5%
-4 0,6% 1,2%
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