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Hello, my dear friend!

You are probably already familiar with many different cards in the game. Many believe that they should begin to save mana and rubies for the most powerful cards, ignoring their weaker analogues (see strong cards from attackers or members of a guild). But there are a variety of purple cards, earn up for that much easier (while gold card costs 1600 mana, purple will cost a total of 400, which is 4 times cheaper). You will be able to earn for the purple card fast enough, given that you get a small amount of mana for daily tasks, as well as up to 100 mana for each dungeon.

Properly composed purple deck of cards will be slightly inferior in quality to the gold deck, but will allow you to achieve considerable success in the multiplayer, as well as in the dungeons.

Note that for most of the cards presented here, you will need 5th and 6th card shop level that unlocks necessary cards and enchantments.

Let's look at the purple cards from which we will make a competitive deck.

This warrior will serve a great service in the dungeons. In the initial stages he will be almost irreplaceable. With him, you can easily collect the award in the form of mana from the dungeons, thereby accumulating mana pretty quickly for the remaining cards and gaining a large number of points. It is recommended to create this card first.
A worthy alternative to a witch with two lightnings and vampirism. It is very useful to you in the dungeons, as well as in multiplayer. Impunity hit the wall with shield ehcnantment, and can even withstand attack of weak cannons. Create this card at the beginning, with the warrior. You will only need to create a couple of these witches.
The next card, which we will create will be a golem with two hearts. Beginners often underestimate the power of golems. One set of 4 golems can destroy an entire floor, which is only 4 cards! With one of the achievements you have to get the gold golem with frost, shield and attack speed. Add to him three golems with two hearts - and he will destroy everything in his path. Later, when you will create the gold golems, you will still be able to use these purple golems, until you create a set of golems with three hearts. 
If you for some reason have not yet received the gold golem with achievement, or it does not suit you, you can create this one. 

Many players use golems with shields, because the number of hit points of the golem grows to very high values, so they can "reflect" a huge amount of damage. Guardians and cannons just "self-destructing" by this golem. The same golem with third enchantment - boots - is used by most players. Excluding boots, we will save 933 mana to create this card!

The next card, which we need to create - a knight. We already have a great deck, but we lack the tank. Knights inflict little damage, so enchanting them for a damage almost does not make sense. Best of all they show themselves protecting your other characters, as well as returning a damage by shields, due to their large amounts of health. I offer you a choice of two knights - the first is perfect for multiplayer, and the second will be better for the dungeons. Create several of these knights for reliable assault.
Final cards for our deck will be archers. This archer along with the aforementioned witch can impunity destroy the wall with shield and weak cannon alone. Perfectly suited to the deck for multiplayer.
You can create this archer to your fights in multiplayer have been even easier! He can destroy the guard or cannon behind a wall with a single shot. He may be useful to you in multiplayer and in the dungeons.

Thus, adding to your deck cards from training and achievements, you can make a pretty formidable deck, which will be in many times cheaper than golden deck, but it will allow you to achieve good results in the game! And most importantly, with such deck, you will be much easier to earn for the golden cards than if you hoarded without it.

Castle Edit

The defense of your castle is extremely important, it does not allow anyone to steal your gold and trophies. Many beginners can not make good defense, so often defeated. I suggest you to look at this castle.


First of all it is worth noting the castle is designed as a "tangle" - attacker will have to guess where is the castle heart, and where is a hidden guard (on this screenshot it is quite simple to determine - the hidden guardian is one level lower than the castle heart. Remember, the hidden guardian can not have a level higher than the castle heart have. But improving the guard up to 5 level, determine will not be so easy).

This is a very profitable strategy in the early stages of the game - attacker can make a mistake and lose his troops without destroying the heart. Each of your floors are equally protected, so just destroy the castle on 50% will also be quite a challenge.

Note the enchantments of defenders. Ahead are the defenders with increased health, to take a sufficient amount of damage while attacking creatures are under fire of the cannons and guards with the lightning. Remember that with this layout the cannon can not reach the enemy witch, but it does not matter if the attacker did not have a witches with vampirism - they die themselves from reverse damage of your walls. But anyway, when the wall is destroyed, the witches come closer and become a primary target for your cannons.

Now let's look at the traps.


We assume that into attack will go a large number of melee minions in order to lightning from our guards could not reach the enemy witches. Accordingly, destroying the wall, all these creatures fall into the spike trap, which instantly kill them. Explosive traps serve you in order to destroy the witches and archers after this stunt.

This will help you keep the castle protected up to the highest levels.

Here is my castle on 6th level heart that allows me to keep the 2400-2600 trophies.

I periodically change the location of the heart, to those who have already attacked me was a surprise.


I hope these simple tips will help you better understand the game and to achieve new results in our beloved Arcanox!

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