General Information Edit

Today there are 6 dungeons - Sea Temple, Graveyard, Skull Cave, Pit, Ruins, Lair.

The dungeon stages are the same for all guilds. The dungeon name only influences the boosts. Dungeons are generated every time new, so each next dungeon will be different from the previous one.

Dungeons open automatically at the same time for all guilds. Leaders and generals can select the dungeon that is opened next. Each dungeon has 5 stages with increasing difficulty. Your goal is to earn more stars, spending the least amount of cards. It counts only the best score of the player. As a reward for completing dungeons player gets mana, coins and dungeon points that affect the rating in the guild. The required number of points to get the full reward of Mana - 300 points for each step. The number of earned guild coins depends on the level of the Guild Library.

Recruits can not watch dungeon replays, and replays that are posted in the guild chat.

Recruits can not see the dungeon stage scores of their guild mates.

Dungeon Score Formula: Edit

DungeonStageScore = (StarFactor * StageFactor) / (UsedCards / 2 + 1)

Borrowed used cards are counted differently for the dungeon score calculation:

  • 1 borrowed card equals 1 own card.
  • 2 borrowed cards equal 3 own cards.
  • 3 borrowed cards equal 5 own cards.
  • 4 borrowed cards equal 7 own cards.
Tap this button to see statistics of this dungeon
The results of all guild members are visible in the table. New members of the guild will not be displayed in the table, until the dungeon is not available for them.
Each stage of the dungeon has its own table of results. The table is sorted on the best results. Players who achieved a dungeon score first are displayed over players who achieved it afterwards.
Tap this button to see player's replay. Recruits can't watch dungeon replays.

Guild Boosts Edit

  • Ruins
  • Skull Cave
  • Pit
  • Sea Temple
  • Graveyard

Dungeon Scores Edit

DungeonScore v672
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