The 10 Commandments for a good Defence Edit

1) Disguise or not to disguise If you have your castle heart and your hidden guards on the same level, you might want to build two identical floors and switch castle heart and hiddenguards. 

2) Defend your castle heart row the best Especially if No. 1 doesn't apply to you, f*** secrecy and openly place your castle heart in your strongest row! Remember to design your castle in a way, that opponents, that are strong enough to bruteforce your castle row don't manage to reach 50% by destroying your weakest floor.

3) Use Sprayers efficiently If you use 3 sprayers in a row (to use them against melee and ranged attacks), make sure to use ice traps on that floor to freeze several enemy waves, while they are in sparyer territory.  I personally like ice (melee), fire (archer), fire (witch) setup of my sprayers.

4) Combine Defensive Building efficiently Be aware of the range of your defensive units and combine them accordingly. A good combination is barricade to block melee attackers, then guard (high hitpoints), then cannon (low hitpoints), then lightning guard (range only effects the first target of a lightning guard  )

5) Mind the hitpoints of your buildings to prevent ghost attackers to take out several rows at once Ghost attackers are very dangerous to players, that don't take hitpoints into account, as they inflict 70% damage on nearby floors.  So don't place high hitpoint building on your weakest (trash) floor and place buildings with low hitpoints on top/below them!

6) Protect your trapper! Do not place your trapper on the weakest (trash) floor, as your enemy will see your traps, once your trapper is destroyed. Try to place your trapper in the back of your 2nd strongest floor.

7) Using Traps efficiently! The dumbest thing you can do with traps is bring enemies behind your defense via a trapdoor!^^ So onl.y use trapdoors to either bring opponets in front of the defense on a lower deck, or to dump them into an empty trashfloor, where they can't do much harm (except for being blown up by a kamikaze card). Trapdoors are also nice, right before your castle heart, if the opponent tries to bruteforce his way with his last cards. ^^ More efficient ways are using spikes below barricades, as usually a lot of melee fighters will bring the barricade down and then get hit by the spikes. Ice traps are good to stun enemies in front of your defensive units or in sprayer territory. Explosive traps are good against witches and warriors. I mainly use them in the middle of my floors.

8) Put the right troops into your portals! Portals open, once there is no more building or unit in front of them. This usually means, that enemies are right in front of your portal.  In this case warriors, goblins and witches are quite useless, as the have too little hitpoints to enter the fight and survive for a few seconds. The best portal units are knights with damage reflection (and life)! Every attacker hates them! Also Golems with lightning block can be useful. If you have lightning witches, you might want to use them in a second portal behind a portal full of knights, so they can fire at the enemy, without the enemy being able to take them out easily.

9) Calculate the percentages of your floors! Remember, only units with hitpoints count into the percentages for your opponent. (Portals and sprayers don't count.) I prefer a main floor for my castle heart with many "real" buildings/units and 3 floors with less buildings/units. This way opponents can only reach 50%, if they beat my castle heart floor to one complete floor or beat more than 2 complete floors.

10) Copy from the best If you don't have the patience or like crunching numbers in excel file, copy stuff that works for top players. 

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