• This minion is balanced in attack and health.
  • It is mostly used for detection of traps, such as spikes and a fiery trap.
  • Average indicators of attack and health don't allow the goblin to be a card for any definite purpose.
  • Unique enchantment: Revival. After death the goblin rises from the dead, dumping negative effects away (curse and freeze).
  • The powerful tank which can protect your characters, such as the witch and the archer.
  • The character who has more health than any other, but deals very little damage.
  • Can reflect damage very well cause he has a lot of health.
  • Unique enchantment: Statue. After death the knight turns into the motionless statue which is gradually losing health. The statue can be healed by a priest, and it can also reflect damage if the knight had shield enchantment.
  • A character with a lot of damage, but little health.
  • Because of the long spear, he always attack behind your knights and golems, so he can avoid damage from guards.
  • Unique enchantment: Revenge. For each friendly minion who died in the battlefield, the warrior recovers health and receives a bonus for his attack speed. It can be useful in case of a massive attack by many minions on the castle.
  • Long range attack minion, attacks in a straight line. Has not much health, but a lot of damage.
  • Hovers, therefore never falls through trapdoors.
  • Has a 3 rooms range that helps her to avoid the attacks of the guards at a certain distance.
  • Unique enchantment: Lightning. With the lightning, you can do damage to several guards at one line. Moreover, if the guard does not have enough range to hit you, you can destroy it before it can kill your witch.
  • Long range attack minion. Has not much health, but a lot of damage.
  • Unlike the witch, the archer doesn't attack in a straight line. She aztacks over one or two rooms (depending on the enchanting).
  • Unique enchantment: Range. Archer can shoot on one room further, thus hitting far standing targets.
  • This minion can act as the tank.
  • This is a special character because you can add up to three cards of the golem on one golem in the battlefield.
  • Adding the golem, you restore health of the golem in the battlefield, you add points of health from this card to the golem in the battlefield, and also you relieve him from effect of freezing.
  • Unique enchantment: Lightning shield. Lightnings won't pass through the golem, and the damage caused by them will be considerably lowered. Thus, the golem can act as the tank for witches and archers who are vulnerable to guards with the lightning.
The priest heals for 330% of the spent health.

Attack speed also increases healing frequency that allows (in combination with one spellpower) to heal in a second more health, than with two enchantments of the spellpower.

  • Support minion who can heal your minions, spending the health. Stops healing when at the priest remains 1 health.
  • He is always behind the rightmost minion.
  • If in the radius of his attack there is an enemy, he will begin to attack.
  • The priest cannot heal another priest.
  • Unique enchantment: Spellpower. Efficiency of healing increases that allows to heal more health for one healing. It is useful when your tank gets too much damage per second.
  • Has more HP then warrior, but less damage.
  • Usually Ninja used for clearing a castle floor without portals activating.
  • Ninja+Priest may be a great combo. Especially if the priest has a range enchantment. Priest will help ninja to destroy the defenders, and then he will destroy a room that ninja "jumped".
  • Unique enchantment: Invisability. May be useful if you need to run without taking damage from defenders. Spike traps, explosion traps and sprayers don't break invisibility. But damage from curse traps breaks invisibility, because the curse damages the ninja, but not the curse trap itself.
  • It freezes the defender and reduces its attack speed by 50% in the area of effect. In other words, it can reduce the damage per second of the defender.
  • Effects the acid sprayer.
  • Freezes creatures from the portals.

NOTE - Characters (from portals) with the enchantment "Immunity to all spells" will not be frozen.

  • This card will restore some health of your characters in battle.
  • It works well in combination with the priests who will restore health and can heal even further.
  • Neutralizes the damage of sprays (heals more than spray causes damage per second).

NOTE - Heal will not restore the health of the characters with enchantment "Immunity to all spells"

This card will make the traps inactive for a limited time. This is very helpful because you can send your minions without fear of triggering traps.
  • Instantly kills all creatures within range (yours and not yours).
  • Mainly used for killing creatures of from portals.
  • It can be used as a tool for "farming" the computer opponent.

NOTE - It has no effect on characters with enchantment "Immunity to all spells"

Removes temporary negative effects from characters such as frost and curse.

Partially rescues from the ice spray (character will be frozen and unfrozen all the time)

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