Cannons attack the farthest away minion that they can reach, hitting in a small area of effect. They can attack targets in a distance from 2 to 4 rooms, this can be increased up to 5 rooms with the range enchantment. This makes them very vulnerable to melee units, as they can't attack them if they are directly in front of the cannon or even behind a wall in front of the cannon. Cannons are also pretty inaccurate in trying to hit moving units, they will almost never hit their direct target.

Also the cannon can be enchanted.

  • Increase life by 110%
  • Damage increased by 60%
  • Increase attack speed by 1 second
  • Freezes characters for 2 seconds
  • Attack range increased by 1 cell
  • 30% of the damage will return to the attacker
  • Damage increased by 220%, but the attack speed slowed by 3 seconds
  • Target cursed by 2 seconds. Cursed characters lose 15% of their health per second. Damage reduced by 90%.
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