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Arcanox is a blend of collectible cards, tower defense game and combat strategy MMO for Android. It is developed by Juhu Games, a one-man indie game studio founded by Christian Teister in Hamburg, Germany.

Arcanox is available on Google Play since March 24, 2015.




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Collect and upgrade over 4500 minion and spell cards. Develop your ultimate unique deck and strategy. Attack castles of players from all over the world and steal their gold. Build, upgrade and expand your mighty castle. Defend your castle with dragons, cannons and barricades, as well as devious traps. Master cunning strategies that are unlocked with every new minion, spell, enchantment, trap and defender. Crush multiplayer and singleplayer opponents and become a legend in Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles.


  • Enjoy unlimited thrilling PvP and singleplayer battles for FREE
  • Construct unique decks with over 4500 minion and spell cards
  • Build an unconquerable fortress
  • Join together with other players to form the ultimate guild
  • Borrow powerful cards from other players to make your deck even stronger
  • Improve your defense with game-changing enchantments
  • Surprise attackers with devious traps
  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • Easy to learn but difficult to master

Arcanox is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Russian.


Arcanox-Arcanox Trailer

Arcanox-Arcanox Trailer. Castles - Trailer - Free Combat Strategy Game for Android & iOS

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